Collaborative Structures for Open Innovation, part 3

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.
“I don’t much care where–” said Alice.
“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat.

Quote taken from Alice in Wonderland

Knowing what question to ask is just as important as being able to find the best answers. Knowing how to frame that question can take us a step further and ensure we are primed to look in the right places too.

In part 3 of my exploration of collaborative structures for open innovation I’ll be forming the questions that will frame the generation of ideas. Using the productive thinking process, I have already taken a very quick look at the general concept of open innovation and what a successful collaboration might look like. Today’s discussion will set the stage for a creative exploration of our challenge:

“what kind of collaborative structures can businesses use to source and exploit new ideas?”

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Collaborative Structures for Open Innovation, part 1

Recently, I wrote about open innovation as a design pattern. The idea of learning how to create and develop ideas “not made here” is an interesting one, as are some of the collaborations, partnerships and contractual structures used to reach out to other organisations. In this post, I’ll start to explore the question:

What kind of collaborative structures can businesses use to source and exploit new ideas?

Using the Productive Thinking Model, the first task is to start gathering some information so we can understand what is going on a bit better. Normally (for a single person CPS effort) I would reach out to the trusty Mind Map…I just found it a bit clunky. Perhaps I’m getting old. Anyway, in today’s post I’ll introduce a new approach to personal brainstorming with the Cloud Map.

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How to hack work

Today I want to talk about hacking work…

But wait, before you start conjuring images of coders breaking into the payroll database from the comfort of their bedroom… I mean hacking in the sense of hacking your life. Why would anyone want to ‘live for the weekends’ or ‘work to live’ when work takes up such a large part of our lives. Surely our lives would be vastly improved if we loved our working lives every bit as much as we loved our non working lives. What if we approached our whole lives with the joy of excited children at a birthday party? Why can’t work be fun?

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How Creative Thinking Works

So far I have introduced a lot of different ways for thinking creatively such as getting the most out of brainstorms, asking questions and generally navigating your way through the creative thinking process. Today I’m going to walk through a framework for actually doing all f the steps you need to think creatively, and for getting something of value out the other side. The framework I’m going to walk through is called the Productive Thinking Model

Some models for creative thinking bring together logical and creative thinking, maybe using logical analysis to understand the problem and some sort of magic to come up with the ideas. Whilst earlier models relied largely on incubation and a flash of insight to come up with the creative magic, I prefer to open up out tool bag of creative thinking tools so we can be creative on purpose.

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