Is Design Thinking Enough?

I thought this would be an interesting post on the antithesis of design thinking. This vimeo shows Don Norman talking about Design Thinking…and explaining how it doesn’t work

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Using Design Thinking for Customer Development

Design Thinking starts with the end in mind, and focuses on the consumer and not the producer. This is very different from a problem led approach. By moving us firmly away from the perspective of product development, this approach is much better suited to actually finding out who your customers are and what they will pay for.

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Hall of Fame: Shakespeare in your Kitchen

Imagine if Shakespeare was designing a new kitchen gadget. Can you picture him walking around your kitchen for inspiration, perhaps he is quoting from As You Like It, quietly muttering to himself “I will forget the condition of my estate, to rejoice in yours“. Would he be rejoicing in the amount of food you have in your cupboards…wondering why you have so much extra food in your cupboards when he has only enough for the next couple of meals? Perhaps his instinct is to start cramming his pockets with as much of your food as he can whilst nobody is looking? After all, what is Shakespeare doing in your kitchen anyway? If only he had some sort of pocket lunchbox gadget he might think to himself…a new device designed to be filled with random assortments of food, keeping somehow separate whilst still being small enough to fit into ones pocket…

Okay, so the example is clearly a bit silly. But that is the point. It is designed to give us an escape from our own perspective so we can approach creative thinking from someone else’s shoes. In this case Shakespeare’s. It is also fun to try, which is a great plus for a creative thinking tool in my opinion.

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