It’s the end of House Keeping Week

Five whys footprint word cloudOkay, so I’m drawing Housekeeping Week to a close. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Posted some links to other sites. You’ll see some of my favourite innovation blogs, a selection of places to browse for idea inspiration, sites with resources to help DO some creative thinking, and a few crowd funding platforms to actually take your ideas to market. The theme with all of these is to stimulate and direct creative thought…and then do something with it. For my part, doing the research and finding these sites has really helped figure out what’s cool about creative thinking and how I can start taking this blog out of my head and onto the page.

Tried out some WordPress admin. I’ve kept it simple here looking mainly at simple stuff like widgets and themes, as well as some of the settings for headers, links, and categories. I figure I’ll probably learn more by doing so I’ll stop there and make more tweaks as I go. I also enabled a selection of sharing mechanisms, so I hope this will start working once I get a bit of momentum into the site. Oh, a quick note, I use the Gravatar widget for my profile and came across Tagxedo to create the footprint shaped word cloud. I liked it so much I featured it in this post.

Played with the layout and images. I’m using the Bueno theme because it’s free, and I like it. Changing the colours and adding a background seems to have done the job. In case you’re wondering, the background is a pretty undirected mind map I sketched out on a whiteboard. Most of  the ideas on it were around green walls for buildings, which I read about here. A really cool way to break up the concrete jungle look most of our cities stick to, and a pretty cool way to regulate building temperature as well.

Most of all, I figured out why I am doing this. Working through the look and feel of the site, and starting to explore related sites really helped set the direction a bit better. I’ve updated the blog strategy to match this. My plan is to talk through creative thinking techniques and the ways in which we can turn creative ideas into reality. In short, how to make creative thinking work.


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