House Keeping Week: part 2

This is the second part to my setup if a collection of ‘inspiration links’ pointing to my favourite sites on creative thinking. Building on the blogs listed yesterday, I thought I’d gather together some sources of inspiration in other directions. Again, the purpose of all links listed here is to learn about, apply or inspire creative thinking.

Sites with Resources

I’m adding another one here, a great resource from Edward de Bono. It’s not free, but the pricing (about 100 Euro) seems so reasonable for what you get I thought I’d post it anyway.

  • CoRT Thinking – Edward de Bono’s 6 part creative thinking series designed as a pack for use in the home and at schools


Magazines, communities and other places which are just good to browse when you get a moment.

  • TED. Ideas worth spreading – a series of video talks by the worlds best speakers and thinkers, and a wonderful source of inspiration for where we can get to with creative thinking
  • Anthill – an eZine (do people still say that?) with advice for entrepreneurs or what to do with your idea once you’ve had it
  • Fast Thinking – quarterly magazine on the application of  innovation
  • – another cool magazine on innovation and entrepreneurship

Crowd Funding

This is where the rubber hits the road. Ideas need action to bring them to life. These sites provide platforms for idea creators to seek funding to get ideas off the drawing board and into reality. Lots of them focus on funding for creative arts (which make for good reads) whilst others focus on products or new business.

  • Kickstarter  – artists, filmmakers and others want your cash to launch their idea. Mostly he creative arts, some really imaginative concepts
  • Quirky – crowd funding for product designers. Lots of fun ideas trying to get off the ground
  • Grow VC – crowd funding for small business
  • Innocentive – real world problems need creative solutions, which need cash to launch. Great stuff

There are lots more but these are a good start for now.


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