House Keeping Week: part 1

Today’s goal is to set up a collection of ‘inspiration links’ which point to my favourite sites on creative thinking. There’s a fair bit out there, so I expect the collection to evolve as the blog grows up. I’ve also created a group of more transitory links, which I’ve called ‘link of the week’. I could just use my favourites for this, but figured it would be an interesting exercise in transparency to use the blog to post up what I’m looking at this week. At the time of writing, I had a bunch of links to ‘blog how to’ type sites. Most of which sat on my links section waiting to be read.

Sites with Resources

Many sites on creative thinking are effective shop fronts for books and toys used to get creative thinking done. These sites have free white papers, articles and other resources to help you DO creative thinking

  • Innovation Tools  – Chuck Frey has posted lots of quality articles and white papers as well as links to creativity tools and resources across the net. The regular blog is worth a read too
  • Mind Tools  – not strictly on creative thinking, but they do have some great resources including creative problem solving and some of the management skills you;d need to get your ideas off the ground

Creative Thinking Associations

I started looking at creativity associations like the American Creativity Association, European association for creativity and innovation, Creative problem solving institute, and  Creative education foundation…but to be honest, I can;t see myself revisiting any of them on a regular basis. More useful as resources for those planning on traveling the world going to creativity conferences. Sadly, not me

Creative Thinking Blogs

There are LOTS of blogs on innovation. These are my favourite

  • Innovation Excellence – a professional blog community with numerous guest writers providing 3 or more posts daily. Lots of great comment on innovation, as well as a professional marketplace into innovation consulting services and related products.
  • Get Fresh Minds – Thoughtful, well written posts on cool ideas and the creative thinking that went into them by Katie Konrath.
  • Innovation Leadership Network – Tim Kastelle (mostly) and John Steen post really well written academic articles on innovation drawn from his work at the University of Queensland business school.Voted #5 innovation blog by innovation excellence
  • Heart of Innovation – Mitch Ditkoff, co-Founder and President of Idea Champions with daily posts on all things innovation. Voted #1 innovation blog by Innovation Excellence
  • Innovate on Purpose – Long running blog with daily posts by Jeffrey Philip at Ovo
  • Rapid Innovation in Digital Time – nice articles on innovation published daily by Nicolas at Orange Marketing Innovation Group
  • Wisepreneur – another innovation community with regular posts by contributing authors on all aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • WorkingKnowledge – regular posts by Andrea Meyer on creative thinking techniques and how to apply them

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