House Keeping Week

Okay, so as a WordPress newbie this week will be House Keeping week. This is where I learn how to use the widgets, themes, menus, tools and settings to control the layout and function of the site. Expect seemingly random changes to the site over the course of the week. Here are my main goals:

1. Setup a collection of ‘inspiration links’ to my main sources on creative thinking. I would expect to maintain this list over time, keeping it to the top 10 or so links which are delivering great content right now. If a site goes stale I’d probably remove it from the list. Will this upset readers looking for a link they found last time they visited? What about if I have tow lists, one for “all time top 10′ or something and another for ‘links of the week’ e.g. as used during a particular theme week? From my perspective, this is going to be what I want from my own repository, but I could be setting myself up for a flaming…

2. Find a way of presenting and managing a growing repository of creative thinking tools. Over time this will most likely contain a hundred or so techniques. I’ll have to look around at different ways of keeping this easy to use. Ideas and examples welcome.

3. Keep it clean. I really want the site to remain easy to use, whilst being largely free of clutter. This could involve ongoing changes to layout etc. Again, is this going to piss of potential readers?

Okay, so a few questions on etiquette there. I guess I’ll figure it out over time. But for now, I’ll start by being upfront and transparent about what I am up to.


3 thoughts on “House Keeping Week

  1. Note to self. There is no need to use the Meta widget, I can get to the admin side of the site from teh drop down menu at teh top of the screen. SO chill out about forgetting how to get to teh admin pages. It’s under Dashboard.

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