CHildcare on long haul flights

Many parents with young children dread long haul family flights. Partly because it’s just hard keeping kids entertained for that long, and partly because of the bad vibes from surrounding passengers. Imagine this…

You and your partner are parents, two kids both under 5. You check in, meet your child minder and get some help carting your carryon luggage through to the gate. You are shown to the back of the plane, where you glimpse the play area and childrens toys waiting for you all post take off. Once the plane has reached altitude you walk your kids down to the play area (possible with sound proofing) and leave them there. Then it’s back to that book or a movie for a while, as you check the on screen baby monitor channel you have secure access to. Bliss.

Now why isn’t this offered on all ong haul flights? And how could we set it up?

1. Permanently repurpose the plane, airlines to offer service as a point of differentiation. Air stewards to propvide child minding service
2. Temporarily take over a few back rows (say 5 rows) and bring on a third party child minding serviceblocking.

Rest needs more thought. But I WANT it. I;d pay more with or without kids to have this level of separation and care. WOuld you?


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